Somaliland: UCID Suspicious of Turkey’s Impartiality Role in Somaliland /Somalia Talks


• UCID Chairman: ‘Djibouti should Replace Turkey as Role of Mediator in Somaliland/Somalia Talks’
• “Individuals in (Buhodle and Awdal) who are saying we are against the existence of Somaliland and its territorial integrity are blind and are on the track.”
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa (somalilandsun) – Chairman of UCID Opposition Party Feisal Ali Warabe showed his suspicious about the neutrality of Turkey government’s mediation role in the talks between Somaliland/Somalia, as he called up for the country’s national parties – KULMIYE, UCID and WADDANI – to have meetings on discussing the Turkey’s partial mediation role.
The chairman said while he was addressing for party’s supporters in London who were in ceremony held by UCID party. This warning comes in a time when the governments of Somaliland and Somalia are willing their forthcoming negotiation talks to be held in Ankara.
UCID Chairman accused Turkey of misleading the directions of the talks between Somaliland and Somalia, and the Turkey didn’t equally provide its aids to Somalia and Somaliland.
“Turkey provides millions of dollars to Somalia’s development projects. Turkey likewise offered 1500 scholarship for the students of Somalia, and that’s fair, as Turkey only donated not more 4 o5 ambulance trucks to Somaliland people. This can’t become a case allowing for Turkey to take the mediation role, for that Turkey has already been with one side, and not honest about the talks between the 2 sides.”
“We are completely against Turkey’s mediation role. Turkey is not a member of the regional organizations such as IGAD, African Union (AU), Arab League and European Union (EU), and I don’t how Turkey is going to lead this dialogue and get involved in dialogue between the 2 countries –Somaliland and Somalia.”

Ankara and Djibouti Meetings by Somaliland & Somalia Presidents in 2014:
Silanyo met last year with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who oversaw the penning of an “Ankara declaration” and pledged determination to continue peaceful dialogue to overcome their Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and President of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmoud brotherly differences.
The “Ankara declaration” also vowed to facilitate international aid and development support for Somalia and Somaliland.
The two leaders of Somalia and Somaliland also pledged to boost cooperation in Djibouti with a wide array of areas and they expressed determination to hold another round of meeting in Turkey next month (February 2015).

Situations in Awdal and Buhodle:
On the other side; the chairman Feisal Ali Warabe spoke about the Awdal and Buhodle situations, where he highlighted that no individual or groups of individuals who are searching for their own personal interests can’t decide the desire and the wishes of the Somaliland people.
“Somaliland was a British Protectorate and took its independence from British Colony in 26 June 1960. Somaliland has its own territorial integrity and sovereignty as well. It’s a country for all Somalilanders, and not for a group of people. Complaints are submitted and resolved through a peaceful manner, as this is our well-known tradition of resolving conflicts and indifferences. Individuals in (Buhodle and Awdal) who are saying we are against the existence of Somaliland and its territorial integrity are blind and are on the track. I don’t know where they are going to, as they can’t separately determine the desires of the Somaliland people,” Said Feisal A. Warabe

Ruling Party previously accused Turkey in Favoring Somalia’s Side:
KULMIYE, Ruling Party Chairman Mouse Bihi Abdi days after the negotiation talks between Somaliland and Somalia held in Djibouti where 6 points agreement reached, has likewise accused Turkey on favoring for Somalia’s side and noted, “Djibouti is the suitable state for the talks between Somaliland and Somalia as its president Ismail Omer Gelle is at a prime position and fully aware of the issues that relates Somaliland and Somalia. Turkey is favouring for Somalia side, and that they want Somaliland to reunite with the rest of Somalia.
Mahmoud H. Qodah