Somaliland: Demonstration in Berbera Against Privatization of Electricity



BY: Mahmoud H. Qodah
Berbera (Somalilandsun) – 3 Police officers have been injured after protesters come out in demonstration against the privatization of electricity Agency of Berbera which was a government run institution has been handed over to a local private Company, according to the reports from district administration and police.

Reports added that demonstrators gathered in the streets of Berbera city, where they drastically started to burn the tyres in the streets in order to express their grievances and complaints on a decision which the government has handed over the electricity agency of Berbera to a local private Company called ‘TAYO’.
They were screaming that they won’t ever accept the privatization of the electricity agency of the district and the handing over the country’s national asset to private people.
Governor of Berbera city Mr. Fahmi Abdi Bidaar urged the people for restraint and noted, “People should keep their peace and stability of their city and show restraint as there are no reasons of embarking such unrest.”
Mahmoud H. Qodah