Somaliland: UAE Secures A Military Base in Berbera


After government deal gets unanimous approval from the legislature

Flanked L R by chairperson of Guurti Suleiman Aden and speaker of house of representatives Abdirahman Irro president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo addresses joint session of parliament in Hargeisa

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- The United ArabEmirates Armed forces have secured officially permission and authority to establish a base in the Somaliland coastal town of Berbera.
This follows the approval of the agreement between the government’s of UAE and Somaliland during a joint session of parliament in Hargeisa on Sunday 12th February 2017.
Prior to voting by both elders of Guurti and Members of the House of Representatives, the upper and lower chambers of the Somaliland Parliament respectively, the head of state addressed the chamber on the pertinent points of the foreign military facility agreement.
Members of the Somaliland House of Representatives at joint session Flanked by the chairperson of Guurti Suleiman Aden and speaker of house of representatives Abdirahman Irro, president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo who described the base as of multifaceted benefit to the country, went on to urge total support towards approval
Upon voting the UAE military base agreement received 144 aye votes with neither nays. Both chambers of parliament are each composed of 82 members thence a total if in full quorum of 164 legislators.
While details are scantily on the finer points of the agreement, salient is the fact that the Emiratis will establish a military facility in Berbera of which the port shall host the navy while a fleet of naval and Air Force crafts shall be stationed at the coastal town’s airport which under Russian management secured and still maintains the longest Runway in Africa.
Somaliland Guurti elders at session at joint sessionDespite the unanimous approval vote scuffles ensued at the August house as security personnel forcibly evicted a number of dissenting MPs some of whom are reported to have sustained injuries.


Somaliland government officials follow proceedings at the joint session of parliament