Somaliland: UAE Diaspora Hosts Wadani Party Delegation


Wadani delegation at the UAE Dinner

By: Moody Boodle

ABU DHABI: (Somalilandsun) A dinner buffet was hosted for the national political opposition party Waddani delegation led by the chairman of both the party and the national house of assembly.

The other members of the delegation were MP. Hon. Abdurrahman Jama (aw xoog), Hon. Nassir Hajji Ali Shire, Ahmed Fagfagasho, Waddani ambassador Suhur Hassan Abib and the party spokesman in the USA.

The party spokesman addressed the water problem in Somaliland and the silence that covers it, saying that it is time to solve the problem.

Hon. Abdirahman Jama said that the party will use the Obama style campaign no race, no gender and change for all in the next general election.

The chairman Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi (irro) said that Waddani will establish a govrnmnt driven by law of which that if succeeds it will create a united nation.

He concluded that Waddani welcomes any advises from all political stakeholders. The delegation will also visit to other parts of the UAE.