Somaliland: Saudis in Final Phase of Investment Arrangements


The Saudi delegation at the VIP lounge of Hargeisas Egal international airport

By: A.A. Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -A delegation of businessmen has arrived in the country with the aim of investing in various sectors of the country.

The delegation was welcome by the minister of Islamic religious Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed during their official visit in the country the Saudi Arabian businessmen will meet the minister of foreign affair Mohamed Bihi Yonis, the minister interior Ali Mohamed Warancade, the minister of trade Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar among others.

Somaliland government welcomes any foreign investors to invest the country to boost the economics of the country and to great job for the students who have completed their university studies.

The Saudi tycoons who are visiting the country for the second time are accompanied by a Riyadh based TV Station that will transmit LIVE all activities undertaken during the trip