Somaliland: Refugees In Djiboutian Camps To Be Resettled Back Home


Ali Addeh refugee camp was established in 1991 for a population of about 7000. It is currently home to 14333 refugees 13748 of whom are Somalis

By: Osman A.M.

ZEILA (Somalilandsun) – A tripartite meeting involving the representatives of Somaliland & Djiboutian Government officials on one hand and United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) officials of the two nations took place in Zeila town of Salal region deliberating on the modalities of resettling Somaliland refugees camped at Ali Adde & Hol-hol refugee camps back to their motherland.

The Somaliland delegation at the meeting were drawn from district, regional and national levels of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement augmented by their UNMHCR country office representatives.

While speaking at the function the minister for RR Hon. Ahmed Abdi Kahin hinted that plans are at advanced stage to resettle Somaliland citizens languishing at Djiboutian camps in the coming days.

“It is in accordance with our schedule programme that our citizens in the two Djiboutian camps would safely be resettled back home as we have already finalized on the modalities of the resettlement with our counterparts from the host nation well as UNHCR offices in the two countries” said Hon. Kahin with reference to the upcoming resettlement scheme.

A senior UNHCR official who was also addressing the function asserted that the UN refugee agency would take a lion share in the resettlement process so that they (refugees) take part in the development of their nation which is endowed with amble peace & security.

Also to pledge taking part in the resettlement exercise were Messr. Hussein Idle Barkadle & Abdirizack Waberi Roble, the mayor of Zeilah & the governor of Salal region.