Somaliland: 8th March 2014 World Women Day Commemorated Nationwide


Multinational participants at the WWD 2014 Commemorations in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Moody Boodle

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) The world women day was splendidly celebrated all over the country and magnificently in Hargeisa.

The minister of labor and social affairs flanked by his assistant, the director of public service commission and other senior officials from the government and international non-governmental organization who took part in the function in Hargeisa all spoke in one tone bearing witness that women are the backbone of all our endeavored activities.

The function also revealed the reasons that impede women elect oratory ambitions and how to overcome them in future.

Somaliland first lady Amina Weris on arrival at Mansor hotel Hargiesa for WWD 2014 commerations

All speakers in the remarkable function all in an ironic coincidence deeply elaborated the unbelievable role the women play in sustaining the livelihood and their sole nature in promoting human welfare.

The commemoration function was organized to perfection the governmental women umbrella NOW and the ministry of labor and social affairs.

Meanwhile the First Lady Amina Sheik Mahmoud Jirde joined the rhythm in commemorating the international women Day in Mansoor Hotel.

A cultural troupe entertains WWD2014 participants

The First lady said, “I am honored to share with all women this day around the globe, I congratulate my fellow women in Somaliland who have attributed so much for the sake of this nation.

“I am jubilant to witness the Women’s day theme “Equality for women is progress for all” which reminds us to reflect realize gender equity imbalance”, the First Lady said. She added, “Women in Somaliland been active playing a role in enhancing the nation democratization, peace building an unity progress paves the way new for the campaign theme of equity, which men tend to ignore in our country thus they should lead in speaking out against the inequalities perceived by women and girls.

She added that the issue of women in this country is significantly shrouded in matters of political integration and pointed out what impedes the later as women were not included in the framework of drafting the constitution.

The first lady concluded that the President will consult the legislative to see the matter be resolved.