Somaliland: Civil Service Commission Recruits Staff On Behalf Of Interior Ministry.


most of those attending the interview are youths who have graduated from local universities

By:Osman A.M.

HARGEISA(Somalilandsun)- Civil Service Commission (CSC) is conducting one day recruitment exercise on behalf of interior ministry which has done prior advertisement for vacancies of various positions in its different departments that mostly consisted of professionals in various disciplines including but not limited to clerical officers, information technologists, public administrators just to name but a few.

Majority of the applicants and the public at large were optimistic that the selection process is being conducted on the basis of transparency, free from discrimination coupled with the input of public participation.

” Upon the initial advertisement of the vacancies by the line ministry in the local dailies CSC received 4000 applications against the available 45 positions & subsequently further sorting and trash sieving were performed while considering all norms as far as the eligibility criteria is concerned by a team of senior staffers at our human resource department together with commissioners under the stewardship of commission’s chair” disclosed a senior employee of the commission who was actively engaged in the selection process but sought anonymity.

Only 1128 applicants made to the second leg of the selection process that took place at CSC’s building from 800 to 1600 hours with the candidates being interviewed by a panel of commissioners with the help of University dons from various Hargeisa based campuses as well as staffers of the commission’s institute.

Forty five junior public officers were to join the Government in the interior ministry and those who met qualifications would be notified of their successfulness or otherwise at a later date officially.

The head of the commission & his counterpart from the civil service institute were seen roaming from one room to another where the interviews were being conducted.

Large crowds of people were gathered outside the interview venue with public expectations at climax & hoping for their kins to qualify and it is a matter of time before commission is tested on how competent it shall conduct the exercise in pursuant to recruiting personnel who can transform the public sector’s image in line with its civil service reforms policies.