Somaliland: Trafigura Oil Company Officials in Hargeisa to Consummate Partnership

The Trafigura deal will see the company modernize the fuel terminal and depot at the main Somaliland port of Berbera

Somalilandsun: The government of Somaliland and Trafigura Oil Company are officially  consumating  their partnership.

This follows the arrival of a high powered   Trafigura Oil Company delegation in the capital Hargeisa, the first of it’s kind.

While no official statement has been issued sources informed that the visiting  delegation was greeted at the airport by government officials led by senior functionaries from the Somaliland presidency.

Trafigura recently signed an agreement with Somaliland to import oil and add new fuel tanks.

The agreement aims to expand, modernize, and expand the capacity of the Berbera Fuel Storage Tanks.

According to the agreement, the Berbera oil tankers will be able to handle oil to Djibouti, Ethiopia and other countries in the region.

Also, this plan will be a major part of the modernization of Berbera port.

Plans also include a port extension to enable handling of large and ultra large fuel tankers this facilitate the economically import of  refined petroleum products as well as  access conduit for re-export.

Trafigura, a leader in the global commodity market, recently delivered its first shipment of sulfur gas at the Berbera port

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