Somaliland: The Way Forward, Post Stalled SL-Somalia Talks


one Historic Somalia Summit in Ankara. Presidents of Somalia and Somaliland met in Ankara and witnessed signing of agreements under witness by Turkey officials/file

By: Mohamed A. Mohamoud (Barawani)
Somalilandsun: Since the London Somalia Conference in 2012, which championed the pursuant provision 6 of the communiqué of the conference, talks between Somaliland and Somalia made no tangible progress.1 Both entities admitted to engage in the proposed talks with altruistic energy and there were some ad hoc and planned meetings that both sides showed their varied interests on the commencement of the talks with openness and continuation without first having consensus on the strategic objectives of such talks. Moreover, it is axiomatic because of the impromptu nature of the talks between Somalia and Somaliland was bound to fail at any moment for several reasons. First, because of the sovereignty disputes, thus the situation of talks lacked the necessary enabling environment.

The current failure of the talks between Somaliland and Somalia is because in the impromptu talks the concerned entities engaged in tacit political hostility. Thus, the failed talks between Somalia and Somaliland have many political repercussions beyond these entities and across the region. M M Barawaani Therefore, the need for third part mediation can be one rational move in order to prevent further political and security clashes between two sides.
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