Somaliland: The Poaching Antics of a Desperate Somalia President


Mo Farah wanted in Mogadishu by president Hasan “People like Mo Farah have a very big role in reconciliation and trust building in Somalia,” President Hasan

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun- There is an on-going policy of enticing citizens of Somaliland to occupy positions of power in the Mogadishu government by Somalia President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud.

According to Mr Yusuf Dirir poaching of Somalilanders is an act of desperation by President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud.

Mr Dirir who was reacting to an item posted by the Telegraph which reports that the Somalia president is pursuing the services of British-Somalilander, athlete Mo Farah who has a famous personality following his double Olympic gold medals last year.

link he supplied the Somalilandsun, says president Hasan Sheikh has only one aim, the Reader Yusuf Dirir is of the opinion that continued enticement and subsequent appointment of Somalilanders to high office in the Mogadishu government is intend as humiliation of Somaliland in the eyes of the international community.

Since president Hasan sheikh assumed office in Mogadishu a number of prominent appointments in his administration have been awarded Somaliland citizens.

Below according to Yusuf Dirir is how the misleading and desperate Somalia president was quoted saying by the telegraph in an article titled SOMALIA’S PRESIDENT WANTS MO FARAH TO RETURN TO HELP COUNTRY by Foreign Affairs CorrespondDesperate President Hasan poaching somalilandersent Damien McElroy

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who has been president since a surprise victory in presidential elections in September, said he wanted British government help to bring back Somalis living in Britain.

The former professor compared the situation in his country to that of Europe in 1945 but said there was an opportunity to restore a functioning government after 22 years of civil war.

Describing exiles as his country’s greatest asset, Mr Mahmoud said he would use a London conference jointly organised by Britain and the Somalia government to establish ambitious programmes to rebuild health, education and government services.

He said he intended to approach the double Olympic gold medallist who was born in Somalia but sent to school in Britain to come home to help promote reconciliation.

“People like Mo Farah have a very big role in reconciliation and trust building in Somalia,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Mo [Farah] can be a very good role model for young people. It’s a good time to seek the support of people like Mo Farah.