Somaliland: The Plague of Federalism in Somalia


Major players in Somalia L -R PM of Ethiopia Halemariam Desalegn, Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta ,President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Somali President Hassan Sheikh

Somalilandsun -Federalism seems to be a new plague in Somalia’s political arena where it creates mistrust among leaders and hatred among clans in addition to facilitating a podium for foreign meddlers to further their interests through enshrinement of perpetual conflict between regional administrations and the federal government.
And As Somalia’s balkanization – masquerading as federalism— intensifies, neighboring states have embarked on a mission to get a share of the country and instill a proxy leader to represent their interests argues Ahmed Hassan a social activist, blogger and independent thinker who writes about Somalia’s politics in a piece titled “The rise of proxy leaders in Somalia”