Somaliland: State Reshuffles Senior Ministerial Administrators


President Silanyo-inset -reshuffles Somaliland government officials through executive order from the presidency in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Four ministries in the Somaliland government are to see a new management direction following the introduction of new bosses.
This development follows an executive order # JSL/M/XERM/249-3606/092015 in which the president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo decrees the change of director generals at the ministries of Education, health, finance and Foreign Affairs respectively.
According to the presidential decree, the head of state justifies authority to make the appointments to powers conferred his office by Section 3 Article 90 of the Somaliland constitution.
“In lieu of the important duties performed by ministerial Director Generals as well as the imperatives of continued administrative changes to avail dynamic management of public service profusion and after ascertaining the fulfilment of desired knowledge and skills for handling public office”
I the president, hereby appoint
1. Abib Ahmed Ali as the Director General of Education at the ministry of Education and Higher studies
2. Yusuf Ahmed Ali as the Director General of Higher studies at the ministry of Education and Higher studies
3. Mohamed Hasan Ibrahim as the Director General ministry of Finance
4. Suleiman Jama Diriye as the Director General ministry of Health and
5. Abdirahman Mohamed Muhumed ‘Abdeeg’ as director General ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation
“These appointments take effect from date of announcement” –unquote
Only the Director General at the ministry of foreign affairs is a new appointment while the others were serving other ministries in similar capacities.
As usual the office of director General at the Somaliland ministry of Education shall always remain a mystery owing to the fact that it is the only ministry in the country to have two DG’s performing concurrently with responsibilities for Education and Higher studies respectively.
min ed h sBeing the chief operating officer with the mandate to administer for the minister who is top honcho thence duties to implement policy the current situation of having two director generals (permanent secretary) at the same ministry is somehow ambiguous.
And though ample justification for the office of Higher studies and Education DGs abounds it would prudent to strategize and have one DG for the entire ministry and two deputies responsible for manning the Education and higher education portfolios respectively.
On the other hand one would not fail to fathom why the very important position of deputy director general is non-existent in the entire Somaliland government structure.
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