Somaliland: The Hargeisa Municipality to Manage Public Primary Schools-Mayor Mooge

Somaliland: The Hargeisa Municipality to Manage Public Primary Schools-Mayor Mooge
The mayor of Hargeisa Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, Centre, enters the Somaliland Parliament for his maiden briefing to the House of Representatives standing Committee

Somalilandsun: The Central government has relinquished management of public primary schools in Hargeisa to the local council.
This was revealed by the mayor of Hargeisa Councillor Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, during a briefing to the standing Committee of the Somaliland House of Representatives in Hargeisa.
At the constitutionally dictated briefing to the house committee which was first for Mayor Mooge he was accompanied by the city municipalities director of finance.
“To date the Municipality has assumed full management responsibilities of 45 primary schools, for which we shall provide environment that is conducive to learning.” Said the mayor adding that in a very short span of time the council schools shall be able to compete with private schools, even excel”
This move which leaves the Ministry of education and sciences with oversight responsibilities is part of the decentralization strategy being implemented by the Joint Programme for Local Governance-JPLG
According to Mayor Mooge the Hargeisa Municipality is tasked with ensuring that the schools under it management are provide with apt facilities, tools and personnel thus achieve 100% results in academic standards
Said he “In close tandem with the Ministry of education the shall embark on expedited renovations especially in relation to sanitation, learning and administrative facilities “

Somaliland: The Hargeisa Municipality to Manage Public Primary Schools-Mayor Mooge
Though names were not mentioned Sh Bashir primary school might be one of the absorbed

Apart from the renovations the city Municipality shall see to it that sufficient auxiliary staff like guards , cleaners etc are hired thus placed under the council’s payroll”
“while teacher recruitment and remuneration is still retained by the ministry of education , headteachers shall be paid by the Municipality”

The joint programme, which is led by the Somaliland Government in partnership with the UN, works to improve the lives of citizens and promote peace through accountable and effective local government.

JPLG has helped to clarify the functions, roles and responsibilities of the various tiers of government in line with the Somaliland decentralization policy making it easy for the authorities to work together on education.
“Through decentralization thus direct provision of local services at the local level, communities are getting better education, health and other public services in addition to a better understanding of what local councils do.
JPLG is comprised of five UN agencies (ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF) and together with partners, the Government of Somaliland and donors, it works to strengthen the role and capacity of local governments to deliver services to citizens in Somaliland.
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