Somaliland: The Forgotten Enemy- Dammul-Jadiin and Ethiopian NISS Collaboration Scandal Unmasked


Somalilandsun- In the wake of the central government’s collapse in 1991, foreign countries took advantage of the political crisis in Somalia and they managed to run a network of spies within Somali politicians.
One of those countries that led a naked foreign interference is Somalia’s big, bad neighbor of Ethiopia, which has been meddling in Somalia’s domestic affairs over the last two decades to fulfill its selfish interests by creating chaos in bid to prevent a strong and effective government to be established in Somalia.
With the help of the West logistically and training , the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) maintained to pursue its hidden but understandable agenda.
The NISS has recently stepped up its efforts after it had seen Somalia’s new friends and allies that interested in to help stand its feet once again and Ethiopia has recruited as many spies as possible with all costs for fear of its traditional foe’s revival.
The NISS has not only recruited local people but known Somali politicians that are essentially working for her and constantly reporting to her -all activities from every single institution that exists in Somalia including the office of the president , the office of the prime minister , the office of the Somali Parliament speaker, the office of the chief of Army of the Somali Army Forces, the office of the national Intelligence and Security (NISA) and the police as well . Meanwhile, The NISS has devoted spies within cabinet that known as “Ethiopian Servants.”
From the onset of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s presidential campaign in the years of 2011-2012, Mr. Mohamud assigned his close-friend, Farah Sheikh Abdiqadir, to broker between him and Ethiopia.Mr. Abdiqadir made use of the former General and Somali Ambassador , Abdirahman Abdi Hussein better known as Gulwade to reach out the Ethiopian officials.
Mr. Abdiqadir and Mr. Gulwade both from Ethiopian occupied Ogaden region originally have done everything possible in order to achieve or find themselves strong influences in Somalia’s politics and they had involved in facilitating Ethiopia to control every decision-making without having too much trouble.
Somali journalists series investigating connections between Ethiopian NISS, Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s dominated-National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and Dammul Jadiid, or Al-Islah-Somalia’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood-have detected that Mr. Abdiqadir met NISS several occassions in Djibouti , and Ogaden region’s major towns of Jigjiga and Dire Dawa in 2012.
At that time, Ethiopia took Mr. Abdiqadir to Addis Ababa after they had astounded how well he knew about the history of the Ethiopia as well as the dictator,the late Prime Minster of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi’s personal history. Mr. Abdiqadir proposed to support the upcoming President , Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, that will be perseverance to its selfish interests in Somalia.
When Mr. Abdiqadir reached the deal with the Ethiopian officials he managed to put Mr. Mohamud directly in touch with main hardliners within the powerful executive committee of the TPLF-dominated Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) including the head of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) , Chief Getachew Assefa, General Abraha Wolde, The commander of the Ethiopian Army’s Southern Division based in Harar and General Gebre Adhana, Commander in chief of the Ethiopian Forces that invaded and occupied Somalia in 2006 and committed grossly human rights violation and now serves on the menace of IGAD’s peace and reconciliation Committee. It is obvious that Mr. Mohamud’s victory was putting our meat on wolf in sheep’s clothing.
From the very beginning, Ethiopian government stated that it could work with Hassan Sheikh’s government since they reached a joint pledge between him and it and that it was not only ready to be changed Sharif Sheikh Ahmed but to prevent any Somali politicians that are suspected to be country-loving patriots as well.

The power monopolizing Dammul Jadiid and bloody sellout politicians’ allegiance to Ethiopian servitude is scandalous that many Somali patriots outraged and want immediately to fade away before Somalia’s sovereignty completely eliminated by Ethiopia and foreign enemies.
It is worth to mention that Dammul Jadiid’s key figure, Mr. Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow, the current information Minister, coined a term, which reads: “The down-to-earth-reality is this: Any Somali politician who does not have TPLF’s green light can’t run for any office.”
The important thing that most of Somalis yet don’t know is that our traditional enemy, Ethiopia, has the upper hand and its control of our internal affairs is not conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact. Whether you admit it or not, Ethiopia secret services assassinate in daily basis our VIPs and patriots that dared to resist its grasping ways. And it has always prevented any single Somali patriot to run in an office.

The other strange thing that was figured out was Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia’s demands of the former Prime Minister’s replacement to Hussein Abdi Halane, the current Minister of Finance of Somalia aimed to be appointed to the post to its closest and favorable servant to appease Ethiopians.Mr. Ghebreyesus asked the president with text message saying ” When are you going to oust the sitting Prime Minister , Abdi Farah Shirdoon “Saacid” to replace Hussein Abdi Halane?” The Somali media has learned in Sept 9, 2013.

Ethiopia’s naked interference to Somalia over the last 24 years was not hidden from any single Somali patriot, but what is worth to mention is , a clandestine information obtained after the president left his phone behind on plane board right after his return from Nairobi late last year.
The Information indicated a plan that Ethiopia proposed and Mr. Mohamud agreed on it was when the process of Abdiweli’s cabinet nomination was underway-Ethiopia ordered to President Mohamud to divide the cabinet into two parts- a part from his Dammul Jadiid cadre and the other part which are Ethiopian servants. Moreover, not a single suspected Somali patriot included in the ministry.
Ethiopian government pressed Mr. Mohamud to nominate the most higher and powerful posts to its “known servants” of Mr Hussein Abdi Halane, Mr. Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow, and Gen. Mohammed Sheikh Hassan for the following positions : The Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Defense, which Mr. Mohamud accepted following several contacts with General Gabre and constant text messages from Mr. Ghebreyesus.
However, We , Somali people that was known for pride and victory had been handed over to our former traditional foe of Ethiopia by President Mohamud ,who is bowing in front of the Abyssinia’s faces.
Unfortunately, Mr. Mohamud forgot that we, Somalis, have never accepted to be exploited by any colonial power and our resistances have always been victorious and this obvious Mr. Mohamud ‘s traitorous mindset and lack of vision will be in vain and Ethiopia will pay its price in the short term.

By Ahmed Abdi and Abdullahi Nur Colombo