Somaliland: Guul Group among Sponsors UK-SL Investment Conference


The emerging consultancy group aims to facilitate $100m in Investment to Somaliland by year 2020

L-R President Silanyo FM Behi Younus and Guul Group CEO M Guleid at a Conference sidline meeting in London

Somalilandsun – Guul Group management have expressed gratitude towards DMA for organising this phenomenal event, the UK and Somaliland Governments in their astounding support of this unparalleled occasion; specifically His Excellency, President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud and Honourable Minister Mohammed Bihi Yonis for their commitment to Guul Group and appreciation of the company’s consistent promotion of investment opportunities in Somaliland. Both the President and Minister expressed their admiration in Guul sponsoring today’s forum held in One Whitehall Place London. (See Video)

Guul Group is working assiduously to facilitate $100m into Somaliland by 2020 as the leading conduit and strategic partner for foreign investment firms.
“$100m worth of investment will generate employment opportunities for 10,000 graduates in Somaliland” – Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire

Guul Group among UK Somaliland investment Conference Sponsors
The Group is committed to promoting business start-ups, entrepreneurship and investment into Somaliland with a vision to help accelerate economic growth. We believe the private sector is a key player in shaping the pace of development in Somaliland as Somaliland has a significant opportunity for transformation and on-going sustainable growth.
Somaliland is already attracting interest from a range of international companies and we are delighted to be in the position to help both existing and new investors enhance commercial activity.
Over the last 16 months Guul has been contracted to facilitate the substantial capitalisation process of raising $5m, whilst also been involved in preliminary development of the business and procurement of the operations phase for Pontus Marine.
Guul Group anticipates and calls on more investors to come to Somaliland and engage in the various potential sectors available for investment in scores of untapped opportunities. The company is fully committed to assisting investors in every way possible to boost commercial activity in alignment with the Somaliland Government plans and vision
We really hope many of the companies and individuals that were present at today’s prolific event will take this further, invest time to visit Somaliland on fact finding and carrying out the necessary research before investing into Somaliland.

L-R UK MP and Former Africa Minister Somaliland Ministers of Agriculture and Water M. Yusef of Pontus Marine and M. Guled Harun of Guul Group
Guul Group CEO M. Guled Harun said “We very pleased to have taken part and supported the UK- Somaliland Investment Forum as it allowed us to be on the same platform as the likes of Genel Energy, Ballore, Sterling Energy, Pontus Marine, Dahabshil, Telesom etc. We are grateful to the DMA team, particularly Chris Hindle who’d been in touch in July thus giving us sufficient time to prepare.”
He also said “Take a risk in Somaliland for reaping higher rewards”