Somaliland: “The Country has a Right to Minting its Currency” –Governor Hadliye


By: Yusuf M HasanGovernor Hadliye

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – The alleged sabotage against the local currency by the Somalia federal government-SFG has been denied.

The denial was made by the governor of the Somalia central bank Dr Abdisalan Omar Hadliye during an interview with Hargeisa based Geeska newspaper in which he also concurred that Somaliland has a right to minting its currency.

“Recent media reports that the SFG is lobbying the British government to force a UK based company to withdraw its contract of coining Somaliland currency, are baseless and malicious lies”

During the week the social media especially Tweeter has been very active with the news of the alleged SFG move against the Somaliland currency which emanated from a number of Somali news websites.

Dr Hadliye who informed that the SFG administration under President Hasan Sheikh has at no time explored avenues of interfering with the economic development or well-being of somaliland despite political campaigns to have the two (Somalia & Somaliland) reunited.