Somaliland: Sultan’s Mediatory Team Vilify “National Consultative Council”


By: M.A.EggeSultans Mediation Team

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The nation’s traditional leaders appealed to Somalilanders to keep on forging unity following the aborted mediation talks between the state and the recently formed illegal “national consultative council”.

A line-up of 18 national Sultans held a press conference last night announcing the Hassan Guure’s group as having aborted the sensitive talks expected.

The head of a three-man mediation committee of the traditional leaders, Sultan Aden Farah vilified the group saying that they fell short of their expectations.

He said that whatever they had in trust did not portend nor augor well for the future of the country hence appealed to the members of the public to preserve and maintain peace and stability.

He said that politicians “came to them empty handed this morning and that they (the group) held no hope whatsoever”.

He lauded the President for having listened to them and agreed to their wishes, depicting statesmanship and the love for the country.

“The President heeded to our appeal and agreed to meet the out-laws, and for that, we profoundly laud him”.

His peer and fellow committee member Sultan Abdirahman Abdillahi Aw Good said, “we took it upon ourselves to delve into the issue for the sake of the country and upholding unity, but the group of politicians with all their malice, failed to live up to the standard expectations”.

Similarly Sultan Hersi Barre appealed to the nation to maintain peace and told the group to denounce their claims.

The press conference was held last night at 11.00pm in the city at Sultan Adan’s residence.

The traditional leaders who spearheaded the mediation initially demanded by the so called “national consultative council” had them commute to and fro between the presidency and the Ambassador Hotel the past fortnight.

They vilified the politicians for indulging in a sensitive issue of potentially a national repercussion and then back-tracking.

The group of politicians who came together included eminent personalities like the former VP Hassan Issa Jama, the council’s chairman Hassan Gure, UCID chairman Feisal Ali-warabe, Udhis founder Ibrahim Degaweine and former Finance Minister Mohammed Hashi to name but a few.

With a 16-point sensitive issues they accused the president and the government of infringing, the group demanded then addressed, (read) by coming a meeting with the Head of State.

Soon all quarters across the civil society and the government, both houses of the National Assemblies Parliament included, branded the council an illegal entity.

The traditional leaders swiftly came in to address the issue as per standard homegrown Somalilander style of conciliatory overtures to avert potential crisis.

They impressed upon the group to drop their tag and solicited a round-table meeting with the President .

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