Somaliland: The Battered and Tattered Hasan Sheikh MV Somalia is Sinking


Hasan Sheikh and his ever sinking Federal Government of Somalia

By: Yumoha Pasha

Somaliland sun – The ship captained by Hasan Sheikh Mahmud with Mogadishu as home port has advertised for sustainable salvage operations, similar to the ones effected by elders in Somaliland.

According to sources within the terrorist attacks prone villa Somalia, the Somalia presidential office cum residence indicate that senior citizens from Somaliland serving unionist interests geared towards revival of the defunct Greater Somalia republic have been summoned for strategies on ways to entice the elders of the Somaliland Guurti for Support.

Somaliland obsessed hasan of SomaliaThe peaceful co-existence and a properly function state machinery desired by the authorities in Mogadishu which prevails in Somaliland is largely attributed to elders of Guurti, the upper chamber of the Hargeisa based two tier parliament.

The irony of the greater Somalia unionist movement now led by President Hasan is that its main policy is based on overt negating of Somaliland existence and overtly continuous clamour for support especially in state building leading to a recent report that president Hasan is interested in the Guurti chairmanship thence garner necessary experience for his second tenure at the helm in Mogadishu.

In the meantime the traitorous Landers in serving unionists have accelerated gears for a broad based representation from Somaliland during 2016 slated but uncertain elections in Somalia

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politically Induced envy and hatred not only blinds but also deafens a self destroying Somalia from offers of a helping hand extended by Somaliland22

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