Somaliland: Local Beauty from a Foreigners Perspective -Photos


To foreigners this is Strange constructions

Somaliland sun – View beautiful photographs of Somaliland from the Lowya’ado the Somaliland Djibouti Border town all the way to the Port of Berbera via the capital Hargeisa and Laas Geel archeological site as captured by and viewed in the eyes of a visiting foreigner published by Independent Traveler under title Somaliland places

Click each of the links numbered  below to view beautiful pictures of Somaliland

to the photographer the truck from Djibouti seems tremendous overloaded

1. Road to Hargeisa from the border of Djibouti – Somaliland

Independence Monument in Hargeisa Somaliland

2. Hargeisa is the capital of Somaliland

the photographer on a background of the depiction of a ceremonial cow at Laas Geel Somaliland

3. Laas Geel in Somaliland

Men can wear long skirts here since to a Foreigner a sarong is a skirt

4. The harbour city of Berbera in Somaliland

Different Faces of Somaliland women

Somaliland Cafe owner at her work place