Somaliland: Kore Stakes Dulbahante Claim to Legislature Leadership


Somaliland MP Suleiman Ali Kore wants to head the legislature

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – I plan to be the next Speaker of the Somaliland house of representatives.

This was stated by Member of the House of Representatives, Somaliland’s lower chamber of parliament Suleiman Ali Kore during a press conference in Hargeisa where he also urged his Dulbahante clansmen to participate in the electoral process as a prelude to equitable sharing of the national Cake.

“I hereby declare my intent to contest for the position of speaker of the House of Representatives immediately current occupier Abdirahman Irro resigns” said MP thus in effect challenging ascendance to the office by his fellow clansman and deputy speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah.

The clamour for the speakership that is taking shape in the country is related to anticipated resignation of holder Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi “Abdirahman Irro’ to vie for the Somaliland presidency under sponsorship of his opposition party Wadani come elections slated for March 2017.

Though speaker Irro who also doubles as the chairman of Wadani is yet to declare his resignation, a touching issue with opponents who have since launch of his opposition party in 2012 demanded he relinquish one of his two posts, election laws demand that any person contesting an electoral office in Somaliland remove him/herself from other official posts.

At his declaration of intent for the speakership Suleiman Kore, the most vibrant and fiery MP from the recently created Haysimo region heaved from the broader Sool region in the east of the country said his candidature for the office is not only legitimized by his extensive experience but supported by his Dulbahante claim to leadership of one of the three branches of Government.

“Though am personally from Haysimo my constituency extends to the wider Sool region including Buhoodle areas that my clansmen predominate as well as the east of Sanaag region” said MP Kore whose mention of Sanaag relates to the Warsengeli clan who are from the same Harti lineage as the Dulbahante’s.

Minister of Health Dr Haglatosie the East Somaliland peacemaker

Stating that he will be a very impactful leader of legislators in the House of Representatives courtesy of his extensive knowledge of issues Somaliland, MP Kore said his claim to this post emanates from his vast experience garnered from public service from Manager of a parastatal, Government minister among others not to mention his lengthily tenure as a parliamentarian.

The MP served the administration of late president Egal as minister of livestock before appointment by Ex-president Rayale as the manager of the state printing agency a position he held until ascension to parliament as a non elected member.

Adding that “am sure that my colleagues in the house who are very well aware of my abilities agree with me thus shall reciprocate during election for speaker which is undertaken by legislators”

Currently all legislators in the House of Representatives from the Dulbahante clan and those from the Warsengeli apart from MP Baar Saeed, country’s only female in the august house, are in the house through appointment and not election, a poignant issue stressed by Kore.

“In order for the Dulbahantes and Harti clansmen in general postulate for national leadership they must participate in Somaliland elections without fail” urged the MP in reference to failure by residents of Sool and East Sanaag regions to participate in voting during past elections as a result of warlike activities directed towards the government in Hargeisa courtesy of Puntland interventions.

Puntland is an administrative region of Somalia with claims to Sool and East Sanaag regions territories under the jurisdiction of Somaliland whose residents are predominantly from the Harti clan shared by the Majeerten of Puntland as well as in pursuit of fulfilling the enclave’s constitution that dictates authority over Harti areas.

Due to the Puntland angle Sool region has been the Achilles tendon of Somaliland, a former British protectorate, quest for recognition as a sovereign country since 1991, when it, withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Italian Somalia to form the now disbanded republic of Somalia.

Staking claim for a Dulbahante’s ascension to the office of Somaliland speaker of parliament MP Kore stated that not only has 90% of differences between his clansmen and government been solved thence prevailing peace and security but divorced from Puntland politically as well.

Since the Buhoodle peace accords were signed by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and then Sool Sanaag Cayn/Ain-SSC militias commander, currently Minister of health Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed ‘Haglatosie’ security in Sool region has stabilized, formerly displaced residents returned, large number of militias assimilated into the Army as well as prisons service and police force while public services are streaming in slowly.

In conclusion MP Suleiman Ali Kore stressed on the fact that his quest is also in relation to the fact that his clansmen have held the office of Speaker of parliament for all the past administrations and only miss out on the current one of Silanyo and his Kulmiye party.

Said “If we voted in the parliamentary elections one of us would surely have ascended to the speakership”

Current Holder of the Speakership Abdirahman Irro who is from the Issaq clan is the only non Dulbahante to lead the legislature having taken over from late Ahmed Mohamed Aden Qaybe who was preceded by Ahmed Abdi Habsade both of them MP Kore’s Clansmen.

Bashe Mohamed Farah in a big bang exit from the Somaliland and sool region political scene

As for Bashe Farah the deputy to Irro the fallout with his Kulmiye party has turned him into a political pariah having joined forces with senior government and party officials who opposed the candidature of Muse Behi as ruling party flag bearer in the country’s presidential elections.

The Bashe fallout from his perch as the favourite Dulbahante son within administration and ruling party circles also resulted in the resignation of a large number of disillusioned senior officials led by former powerful presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali.

Whether it be Kore or other Somalilandsun joins other supporting the Harti ascension parliament’s leadership since they miss out on top leadership posts currently dominated by Isaaqs and Samaron clans.

That is, EQUITABLE SHARING in Somaliland is a Constitutional Dictate not to mention the good politics involved in giving Harti’s their rightful dues.

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