Somaliland: TELESOM Supports Construction of a New Emergency Ward for Hargeisa Group Hospital


Laying Foundation stone of a new emergency ward at HGH courtesy of Telesom donation

Somalilandsun- TELESOM one of the leading telecommunication Company in the country well known for its innovative methods such as introducing pioneering 3G internet and mobile money banking and transfer service, Zaad Service has donated 50,000 dollars towards the construction of a new ward at the Hargeisa Group of Hospitals according to a report by Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo , the head of public relations department speaking during the ground breaking ceremony said , TELESOM always is committed in fulfilling its cooperate responsibility, our company had previously earlier in the year donated 15,000 dollars the Mohamed Aden
Sheik children’s hospital and another $20,000 dollars towards the purchasing of a water tanker and today we are making another contributions worth $50,000 dollars for the construction of a new ward which means we have donated $85, 000 dollars this year to the Hargeisa group of hospitals.
Dr. Saleban Ahmed Essa Haglatosiye speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony said, “First and fore most I would like to thank TELESOM for its generosity he previous Emergency ward was built during the colonial times and when the population was small hence meaning it can’t cope with current demands.
Other companies such as DAHABSHILL have pledged to donated funds, the Mayor of Hargeisa has also donated funds and the government has also set aside funds for the project,”he said
Among the notable dignitaries attending the ceremony were first lady’s Amina Mohamed Jirde, Health Minister Suleiman Isse), Minister of Finance, Zamzam Abdi Aden, minister of livestock, Minister for National Planning, Minister ofthe Deputy Minister of Health, the director of good Governance Commission, Governor of Maroodi Jeh, journalists and Director General of Hargeisa group of Hospitals.