Somaliland: Rebuilding Saud’s Precious Life


As you can see on her most recent photo Suad still cannot see. She needs extensive reconstruction work in the areas on her face and eyes

Somaliland sun- We are very pleased to share that Mass General Hospital has accepted Suad’s case. Suad is currently an outpatient and receives treatment on a daily basis at the hospital in India.
The most pressing concern at this time is her eyes and this exciting news really installs confidence in her knowing that she’ll be in the hands of some of the best and well-equipped doctors in America.

As you can see on her most recent photo, Suad still cannot see. She needs extensive reconstruction work in the areas on her face and eyes, and would need much more financial support once she comes to Boston. We are currently working on her visa application process. She keeps a positive attitude despite of all the apprehension. She continues to draw strength from everyone’s generosity and believes that her future is brighter than her current situation. Let us continue to raise awareness for Suad and urge everyone to consider donating. Thank you very much everyone for your continuous support and prayers!
On August 13, 2015, a 21 year old Suad was viciously attacked by a man who threw a copious amount of acid on her face. The acid has completely burned and disfigured her face, neck, chest, and shoulders. Suad was taken to medical professionals and eye specialists all over Kenya, but unfortunately no one was capable of treating her significantly burned skin including her precious eyes. As a result, she was transferred to a hospital in New Delhi, India where she is currently fighting for her life.

Suad needs intensive medical care, but unfortunately her family is running out of the small contributions received from their extended family. She was the breadwinner of her family and currently has no other source of income. Suad and her family are in a desperate situation and she will be sent home if her family can no longer afford to pay her medical expenses. Therefore, our immediate goal is to raise $50, 000 USD so that Suad can continue to receive medical treatment.

Suad needs major reconstructive surgical procedures and her family is desperately looking for any specialist in developed countries who is able to help save her sight. We expect that Suad would need much more financial support once her family finds a hospital that is able to take her case. Please show your love and support and help save Suad’s precious sight. Thank you very much for your donations, support, and prayers for Suad! Source: Gofundme
Here is a blog to keep everyone posted on Suad’s case.