Somaliland: Tedros Hosts Behi


Behi and Tedros in meeting

By: Nesru Jemal

Somalilandsun – Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom met a Somaliland delegation led by the Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Younis on Friday.

The Somaliland Foreign Minister said Somaliland valued its relationship with Ethiopia and the support it was getting from Ethiopia.

He said Somaliland wanted to enhance this relationship and he called on Ethiopia to increase its use of the services and facilities of Somaliland, especially the port of Berbera.

He also requested Ethiopia to give assistance in capacity building and provide training for security and police units as well as for civil aviation.

Dr. Tedros said there were a lot of commonalities throughout the region and he believed these must be utilized for greater cooperation.

He said the best solution for the problems in the region was for all to work together for better economic benefits and integration.

Dr. Tedros also said Ethiopia is ready to help Somaliland in its quest for capacity building and training. He offered scholarships for Somaliland students in Ethiopian universities.

He noted strengthening people-to-people relationships is vital and emphasized the value of development based on the approach of mutual benefit.

Dr. Tedros also noted that Ethiopia hoped the implementation of the recently signed agreement between the Somali Federal Government and the Interim Jubba Administration would proceed according to plan.

He said recent visit of the leader of the Administration to Mogadishu was a positive step towards this.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs