Somaliland: Functional Review of the Government –Consultancy



Languages:Somali, Arabic, English

Deadline:Oct 1, 2013

Organization:CTG Global

Sectors:Public Administration, Human Resources

Work experience: From 5 years to more than 20 years


Position Functional Review of the Government of Somaliland

Place of Performance Hargeisa, Somaliland

Expected Travel Hargeisa, Somaliland; Bossaso and Garowe, Puntland; Mogadishu, Somalia

Contract Duration 90 days over five (05) months

Salary Tba

Starting Date ASAP

Closing Date


CTG Global is a Personnel Management Service Company specialised in Recruitment, Management Consultancy, and Human Resources in countries experiencing or emerging from armed conflict, natural disasters, or acute social and economic crisis worldwide. CTG Global provides tailored personnel management support enabling a growing number of public and private sector agencies and individuals to achieve their objectives in complex and challenging environments. CTG Global clients currently comprise UN agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and different corporate organisations such as security companies.


SIDP works with central and regional government institutions in Somalia, building their ability to fulfil their core functions and mandates and be more accountable to their public. SIDP aims to promote long term and sustainability capacity development of government institutions, enabling improved service delivery to the Somali people. There are several key areas through which SIDP works:

– Public Financial Management, Transparency and Accountability

– Development Planning and Aid Coordination

– Public Sector and Parliamentary Reform

In all these areas, SIDP provides technical assistance for the development of essential governance systems and tools, polices and laws. SIDP is supporting the reform of the civil service and public sector and the building of core capacity in government though long term and short term trainings for civil servants and government officials. SIDP seeks to improve public accountability of core governance institutions through awareness raising, civil society and advocacy and support to parliamentary oversight.

The Government of Somaliland has been engaged in public sector reforms and civil service reforms for the last several years. As part of the efforts to streamline government operations, improve performance and efficiency of government bureaucracy, the government expressed its interest in conducting a functional review and analysis of their respective ministries and agencies. The Good Governance Solicitor General’s Office is working on Government Organization Act which would prescribe the government structure and mandates of the ministries, as requested by the Office of the President and have requested support to analyse data on existing mandates of institutions.

The international consultant would work closely with and under the guidance of a team leader to conduct functional reviews of pilot institutions, and to support the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) to analyse information critical to the formation of the Government Organization Act. In conducting the functional reviews, the consultant would ensure adherence to the adopted methodology, timely progress reports, effective communication with the governments and overall project implementation. The consultant may be called on to support functional review in Garowe, Bossaso or Mogadishu.


Objective of the Assignment

Goal of the assignment is to provide the government of Somaliland with recommendations on the structure, functions, scope of responsibilities, chain of command, as well as draft administrative regulations (statues for ministries, agencies and departments within these public institutions) for selected government ministries. As a result of the assignment, the selected government ministries would have an improved organisational structure, clearer chain of command, and draft administrative regulations prescribing administrative functions and operations. This will also feed into a draft Government Organization Act, submitted by the Office of the Solicitor General.

Scope of Work

The consultant should perform a functional review of selected ministries and agencies of the Somaliland government, draft administrative regulations for these selected ministries and public agencies (including departments), and conduct a one day workshop summarizing the findings of the review and a workshop on the drafts of administrative regulations.

It is expected that the consultant, under the guidance of a Team Leader, will work on the functional review methodology and overall design of the work; communicate with the government on the detailed work plan and timetable of the work; agree on the exact ministries / agencies / departments subject to the functional review; conduct initial interviews with managers and employees as set up in the work plan; analyse the existing legal / normative documents regarding the organization design, structure and functions of government ministries and agencies; identify gaps / inconsistencies, if any, in mandates and/or activities; provide recommendations for improvement; draft administrative regulations for selected ministries/agencies/ departments. At the end of the assignment a consultant, together with a team leader would conduct a workshop on the results of the functional review and a workshop on the administrative regulations.

The consultant will also analyse relevant information collected by the OSG and through functional review, to input into the draft Government Organization Act.

As required, the consultant may be required to link in with similar work being undertaken in Mogadishu and provide support with such functional reviews.

Monitoring and Progress Controls

Before starting the work, description of the methodology for functional reviews and the detailed step by step work plan.

ü In one week: An inception workshop in Hargeisa

ü Monthly : brief progress report, including work done and problems / concerns

ü Three weeks prior to work completion; report on functional review and draft administrative regulations

ü One week prior to work completion: workshops on functional reviews and administrative regulations.

Final Product / Deliverables

• An inception workshop in Hargeisa – 5%

• Report on the results of the functional review of selected ministries and public agencies of the Somaliland Government, including recommendations of the structure of selected ministries and agencies – 40%

• Draft administrative regulations (ministerial / agencies’ statues and functional responsibilities of departments) of selected ministries and agencies – 40%

• A half day workshop for the government of Somaliland on the results of the functional review – 5%

• Analysis of information collected by the OSG – 5%

• A half day workshop for the government of Somaliland on draft administrative regulations – 5%

Review / Approval Time

Approval and payments will be made withing 14 days of the successful completion of agreed milestones and submission of time sheets


• Master degree in Public Administration, Human Resources Management, Business Administration or similar program.

• Five (05) years of professional experience, including at least one year in human resource management.

• Practical experience in planning, developing and implementing human resource management strategies in public organisations.

• Excellent analytical skills

• Experience in teamwork, good communication and coordination abilities.

• Excellent computer skills.


English is the working language for this assignment.

Knowledge of Somali and/or Arabic is desired.

Other information

The expert will be required to have a personal lap top computer.

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