Somaliland: Teachers Needed in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun – Frantz Fanon University (FFU) is a new institution based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The institution is the first in Somaliland to offer various degree courses in Psychology and other academic fields where professionals are in severe short supply throughout the country.

Entering the second year of its charter, FFU is trying to build upon its English language department (which currently has two resident teachers from the UK and one from the US) by recruiting more teachers.
Options available within the department include teaching English to:
• Undergraduates
• Postgraduates
• Short courses for adult-students (including IELTS exam preparation).
Teachers are also encouraged to expand the various curricula by injecting their own expertise into the course. For example, a current PHD student offers an introduction to qualitative research methods as a means to expanding the students’ grasp of English, while another (a linguist) teaches translation studies.
The department focuses on teaching smaller classes to provide an effective learning environment which also fosters a close relationship between the staff and students.
This academic year, for instance, has seen student-led extra-curricular activities such as volunteering at a local orphanage, a monthly women’s discussion group, trips to other parts of Somaliland and even yoga classes.
Potential candidates would be encouraged to lend themselves to building upon these foundations and help the university expand the existing community projects, as well as take on challenges to help expand our library and language lab.
Further details of the position are as follows:
Job Requirements:
• Start date – 1st August 2015
• Minimum period of commitment – 5 months
• Previous teaching experience preferred
• Candidates should hold at least an undergraduate degree
Those in the process of receiving an undergraduate degree should contact us to be considered for roles at FFU –and exciting new local projects – in a volunteer capacity
• Working in Somaliland requires candidates who are adaptable, motivated and able to respect and adhere to other cultures. Working in Somaliland can be challenging but the creative and innovative ways FFU is educating and developing young Somalilanders can be very rewarding for the right person.
• $400 stipend per month
• Accommodation (walking distance to the university) and utilities provided
• Opportunities to engage in other local projects and to learn Somali.
We welcome you to apply and hope you can be part of our team.
Please send your CV and a cover letter to
About FFU
Frantz Fanon University (FFU) is an academic institution of excellence training a new cadre of professionals and para-professionals whose practice and social commitment follow the example of Dr. Frantz Fanon, while integrating state-of-the-art knowledge and technology with the culture, history, and beliefs of all individuals and communities served. Registered and certified by the Somaliland Commission for Higher Education. Read more about FFU