Somaliland: The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis, Only Half the Story is Told at Sea


Migrants from the Middle East and Africa among them Somalis risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean

Somalilandsun – With over 1,800 migrant deaths so far in 2015, migrants and the reasons they choose to come to Europe in the first place need to be reassessed. Despite the rhetoric of our politicians, it is not true that people are crossing the Mediterranean purely for economic reasons – their needs are more pressing and immediate and their reasons more rooted in politics and insecurity. We cannot continue to allow governments to dehumanise migrants and represent them as a threat or simply an inconvenience. They are people who have been pushed to risk everything.

In this SOSchildrensvillages guest blog, Kim considers the ongoing tragedy of the Mediterranean migrant crisis and why Europeans must look again at why people are so desperate to reach their continent before turning families away. Continue reading