Somaliland: That Is Somaliland For You!


and this are Somalilanders

By Ahmed Kheyre

Somalilandsun – The news that former President Dahir Rayale Kahin will be returning to country for a while, ostensibly to spend the Holy month of Ramadan with his fellow Somalilanders has been well received. The former President who spends a majority of his time overseas in France and the United Arab Emirates due to the needs of a young family has always conducted his himself with decorum and dignity which has greatly enhanced the both his esteem and that of Somaliland.

I draw on this news because there are those opposed to Somaliland who always hark on the fallacy that the central community, i.e the Isaaq, who are the majority in Somaliland are intent on perpetual political, social and economic domination in the country. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For nearly a decade Dahir Rayale Kahin was the President of Somaliland. He is from Awdal and won a close election by 80 votes, and no one batted an eye lid. For a decade and to this day he has always preached unity of purpose and is accorded the respect and affection of a President by the people of Somaliland. Of course, like all politicians he had his supporters and critics, but that is the nature of politics. I look forward to the day we inaugurate the first President from the Eastern Communities.

That is Somaliland for you!

The communities of Awdal, Parts of Sanaag and Sool have chosen to be Somalilanders. Because they know in Somaliland they will find peace, progress and a fair chance. Can you say the same thing in Somalia? Of course not.

Somalilanders are by nature inclusive. Irrespective of your community, or social standing, educational level or wealth, in Somaliland you will be treated with respect and dignity and accorded every opportunity to succeed or fail. If you are loyal to Somaliland, and sincerely believe in our right to self-determination, democracy, justice and progress, then you are a Somalilander, who cares which community you come from?

People are by nature competitive, and Somalilanders are no different. There will always be competition between the politicians, the business people, the artists, the students, the farmers and livestock owners, this is part and parcel of everyday life in every place across the planet, and Somaliland is not different. Except in one instance, we measure the man or woman by their ability, deeds, actions, fidelity, honesty and sincerity, anything else is irrelevant.
There is usual grousing about a an administration dominated by the Habar Jeclo community just because the current President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” hails from that particular community. Let me point out that the majority of Somalilanders did and from all communities and that is why he is the President of all Somalilanders, not just for his particular community.
And that is why to this day, even though he was elected with a majority; any and every Somalilander has the right to, hypothetically, grab him by the shirt collar and say “What are you doing? I don’t like you decisions. Get your act together”, and He will accept it and welcome it, because that is democracy.
And that is Somaliland For You!