Somaliland: “Stop Use of Distorted Security Scaling Methods” Former Military Commander Cautions the UN


General Jidhif

Osman A.M

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Former Somaliland armed Forces commander in Chief Gen. Mohamed Hassan Abdilahi (Jidhif) has rubbished the UN report on security status of Somaliland which has been comparatively been compared with that obtained in Somalia.

The former army boss who was briefing the media on Monday afternoon send a cautionary statement to the UN to observe a fair mode of analyzing security & stability scaling averring that Somaliland was endowed with abundant security as opposed to Somalia which is in a constant fear. Gen. Jidhif was sympathetically angered with security situation obtained in Somalia and urged the UN not to parallel compare it with the atmosphere obtained in Somaliland in their distorted security index scaling thus arriving at a misinformed conclusion that Somaliland is among the failed nations of the globe.

Gen. Jidhif said “Somalia has just been attacked by terror groups in fact the attack was aimed at the presidential place. The UN security report shall not be accepted by Somalilanders because it is evidential that our country helps the international community in combating global safety related menaces like piracy, terrorism& others. Whereas the security of Somalia is monitored by foreign forces (AMISOM) Somaliland’s security is manned by its own national forces. We have never seen the president of Somalia gracing a development project as his own life is in constant fear”

Gen Jidhif was refereeing to an attack at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu which was claimed by Al-Shabaab as targeting the president of the Somalia federal Government-SFG Hasan Sh Mahmud who was lucky to escape with his life intact but tens of civilians and government officials perished.

On the other hand Gen. Jidhif praised the house of elders led mediation committee that successfully brokered the peaceful settlement of wrangles a sundering the House of Representatives to the national detriment.

The former army boss left no words in praising the Government development records by confidently talking about infrastructure development with emphasis on road construction & renovation of Government offices. T he General stated that the Erigavo highway will open the eastern & western corridors of the country to international economic investments.

The old General also observed that the face lift given to the Government buildings have brought about sanity & beauty to the city’s planning set up and hinted that that was where the world will interact with Somaliland.

Gen. Jidhif also cautioned the citizenry against undermining the State by calling for constructive criticism-opposing the Government when it fails in its obligation & supporting it where it is due.

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