Somaliland: Ethiopian and Somaliland Intelligence Depicts officers arrest ONLF Commando


CID Security Intelligence of Somaliland

By: Moody Boodle

BALLIGUBADLE: (Somalilandsun)- intelligence officers from Somaliland and Ethiopia have arrested two ONLF commando who entered Somaliland through the Ethiopian border and were living in between Balli-Abane and Saila-bari.

Somaliland Security personnel released press statement announcing the arrest of the two terrorists.

They are being held in Balli-gubadle and have not denied that they belong to the ONLF.

The investigators suspect that there are still more of them.

The coalitions of the two countries security have strengthened the perseverance of peace on both borders.

The security officers are doing their best to eradicate the terror organization who oppose the administration in the zone5 provinces of Ethiopia.