Somaliland: British MP’s call for divert of aid to Somalia


the British Prime Minister David Cameron

By: Osman A.M

ENGLAND: (Somalilandsun)The British Government has been urged to cease channeling foreign aid to federal Government of Somalia and instead redirect it locally to where it is most needed.

The Government of United Kingdom reimburses 90 million British pounds to Somali federal Government for acting against violations of human right abuses that is orchestrated by Al-Shabab, a terror outfit fighting the instable regime.

According to a report by UN Monitoring Group published last week revelations with serious implications were made that military aid inform of weapons & war arsenals were into the wrong hands via the State officials with allegiance to Al-Shabab either by being from the same clan or by virtue of possessing vested ulterior interests.

The UN report exacerbated reluctance on the part of donor nations by tilting their generosity elsewhere in the globe at a time when they were contributing to stabilize Somalia.

Opposition MP’s who are pushing for the adoption of the report opine that time has come for UK Government to cease channeling aid in form of military attires to Somalia pending the establishment of secure & stable Government. Ian Liddell Grainger, an opposition MP elected from flood prone areas of UK told ‘The Mail’ an independent paper that the report has revealed a situation where British tax payers monies were getting into the wrong hands. Hon. Grainger while calling the aid to be directed to locally flood prone areas of his country asserted that the UK Government does not provide aid to several nations because of their constant instability.

While contributing to the same debate another opposition lawmaker Hon. Stewart Jackson revealed that it is an opportune time for his Government to get back to the drawing board & re-evaluate the effects of its aid to third world nations especially at these challenging times of terrorism, piracy & other global vices by reconsidering directing the aid to where they are most needed in the country.

The British minister for international relations Hon. Justine Greening hinted that his Government would soon launch a foreign policy of engaging with instable Somalia with regard to aid and/or grant generally.

A spokesman for foreign & commonwealth office told ‘The Mail’ that whereas the report alleges that aid provided by donor nations is ending in the wrong hands of Al-Shabab, it is not explicit that British aid is funding the terrorist group.

Though the British Prime Minister David Cameron has recently signed for 90 million pounds to stabilize Somalia, most donor nations are reluctant to honor their prior pledge in contributing towards these initiatives if the recommendations contained in the report are anything to go by.