Somaliland: Councilors in Borama Stampede on the Municipal Council


By: Moody Boodle

BORAMA: (Somalilandsun)- Councilors in Borma caused chairs of the municipal council headquarters. The councilors blocked the office’s gate an working hours.

The councilor’s pre-planned obstruction of work started at 10″30.

The municipal council was in a multi-task of depositing the council revenue but the councilors did not let them. The scenario that the members of public watched gaping and the members of the press who took every detail live.

The mayor of Borama answering questions to the press said that the havoc was caused by 4 honorable councilors who sole intention was to corrupt the revenue collection.

Sources don’t say the exact reason from their despicable act but only never that they even had long quarrels with the haunted members of the public.

Sources said the municipal chief accountant Abdi Sule Madar later deposited the monies in the central bank of Somaliland Borama branch.