Somaliland: U’kuse Reveals Further Universal TV’s Outrageous Practice


Ukuse Chides junior Reporter on stance of Universal TV ban

By:M.A. Egge

HARGEISA-(Somalilandsun):-“We hold Universal TV responsible for the deaths that occurred in Sool following public riots it instigated”, charged Hon. Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir U’kuse. This is the third time the veteran journalist cum executive cum politician has underpinned the outrageous manner in which the station has been operating since the government banned it all together recently.

The Information, Culture and National Guidance minister on Monday underscoring how the television station blatantly flouted all rules and regulations of journalism and basic rights with impunity hence trampling on all forms of ethics and etiquettes that abounds.

While speaking to the members of press after the Kulmiye conciliatory meeting, Hon. Ukuse was quite bold to a young journalist who prodded him with a question in defence of the banned TV.

“You don’t have to tag along the wrong lane maligning your sovereignty to seek limelight”, said the Minister to the young man.

He elaborated, “Basically we licensed the Universal TV just as any other foreign bureau and they failed to live up to the expected agreements”.

As Universal TV continues to hit below the belt the stance on ban by the Somaliland government hardends-Ukuse

He continued, “It is well known to you all that they once aired seriously malicious news purporting that there were battles going on in Lasanod and Buuhoolde while misleadingly showing war in Daynuune (Somalia)” whose resultant riots were fatal.

He further explained that such disinformation and misinformation by the station that culminated in the caricature of the President and maliciously denting SL’s image was well calculated ill-innuendoes to instigate chaos hence tantamount to waging wars through air waves.

He wondered, “We are not sure even whether the station is registered at where it is supposedly assumed to be”.

The minister said that one of the best things done by the government that needs emulating was the efforts done by the Ministry of Presidency and the Somaliland Roads Authority.

He praised their accountability and transparency which they depicted in public.

He likewise praised the reconciled top hierarchy of the ruling party.

Hon. U’kuse reminded the media fraternity to be true to their expectations and be constructive in their under takings.

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