Somaliland: State Urges Ceasation of Galkayo Hostilities


Residential areas under attack in Galkayo

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

Somalilandsun- Somaliland government urged to fighting Puntland and Galmudug regions of Somalia, to cease prolonged hostilities that have caused thousands of civilian causalities.

According to Somaliland’s minister of information and public guidance, Osman Abdilahi Sahardid (Adani), called on two sides involving the Galkayo disputes solving through their conflict a peaceful negotiation.

“On behalf of Somaliland government we are appealing to the Puntland and Galmudug authorities to end frequent unnecessary clashes that have caused the death of innocents and displacement of large number of Galkayo residents,” Minister of information said during his press conference held in his offices in Hargeisa.

referring to heavy clashes erupted again in Galkayo he said “We are calling on Somali’s president Hassan Sh. Mohamud to reconciliation the warring regional authorities in his territory which is his responsibility. he should concentrate the maintenance of peace and stability in his country.”
Mr. Adani highlighted that Somaliland had no and would never be as part for Somalia’s federalism process. The minister added “Somaliland had reinserted it’s sovereignty and it has functioning governmental institutions which had been built the contribution of the local residents without external hand. so we remind him to shy claiming for Somaliland.”

According to UN report on this issue more than 75,000 people have fled their homes and 18 have been killed during three weeks of clashes in Somalia, the United Nations says, warning that women and children sleeping in the open will suffer as the rainy season looms. Clashes erupted on Saturday and Monday between forces loyal to the two semi-autonomous regions of Puntland and Galmudug in the town of Galkayo.