Somaliland: Somaliweyn Elements Destroy Wadani Credibility


Wadani supporters during the 2012 local council elections in Somaliland

By: Saeed Duale Balbal

Somaliland sun- What has been negligible rumors, half-truths and innuendoes against Waddani before are fast becoming today’s much publicized ‘facts’.

from the other day, a man who masquerades as a media man from Somalia who goes by the name of Dahir Alasow has been openly splashing his ‘condoned’ support of Waddani party of Somaliland over the social media.

Condoned because no known official or supporter of Waddani – a major opposition political party in Somaliland – has objected to the man’s insulting words to Somaliland, Somaliland constitution, Somaliland’s quest for its restored sovereignty and the nation’s determined, true sons and daughters. 

True because some may not be.

“For the people of Somaliland to break out of the ‘open prison’ (Republic of Somaliland), they have to vote for Waddani Party,” the impostor journalist writes on his Facebook page.

He continues to say that a Waddani presidential victory is a victory for Somaliland-Somalia pro-unionists.

“As far as I know, if Waddani wins the (presidential) elections, Somalia unity has won,” he brazenly adds.

Dahir Alasow“Visa Waddani Party and the strong ‘coalition’ (Hirsi et al) who are so diligently working on Greater Somalia’s former might and prowess”,  he concludes (see below).