Somaliland: State to Establish National Religious Council


President Silanyo (3rd L)at this year's rain prayers in Berbera/file

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “Since our citizenry is generally Muslims the state is intent on ensuring religious activities are conducted properly.

This was informed by President Armed Mahmud Silanyo at the Somaliland parliament during his state of the nation address to a joint house session in which he revealed a soon to be established Council of Religious Leaders.

“Religious leaders whose constituency is almost 100% in Somaliland are expected to deliver proper guidance as pertains proper religious conduct and religious knowledge as well as play an active role in peace building nationwide” said president Silanyo in justification if his proposed National religious council.

The commitment of president Silanyo towards upholding proper religious conduct in the country is exemplified by his establishment of a national anti vice committee composed of senior administration officials.

The government through the anti vice committee has seen the minister of religious affairs Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed issues warnings to errant clerics and proprietors of Hotels suspected of conduct deemed contrary to Islamic tenets.

In his lengthily address to the joint house the Somaliland head of state briefing touched on numerous issues and their achievements plus constraints.

President Silanyo detailed on the following

1. Security

2. Foreign Policy and the Quest for International Recognition

3. Education and Health

4. Livestock Development and Environmental Protection:

5. Roads

6. Airports and Ports Development

7. Civil Service enhancement

8. Peace and Regional Administration

9. Citizens Registration

10. Justice and Legal system

11. Coastal areas development

12. Religious affairs

13. Gender Empowerment

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