Somaliland: State Mourns the Demise of Omar Arte Qalib 90, Burial Committee Appointed

Late Omar Arte Qalib 90 passed on in Hargeisa Somaliland

Somalilandsun: A national burial committee has been established following the death of Omar Arte Qalib in Hargeisa.

The eight-member national funeral committee was established by the president of Somaliland under decree #JSL / XM / MG / 083-586 / 112020 to prepare a National Funeral for the late Omar Carte Qalib.


President Bihi with Omar Arte Qalib in Hargeisa- Oct 2018

Headed by the Vice President Abdirahman Sayli composed

  1. The Minister of Defense

  2. The Minister of Planning and National Development

  3. The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Development

  4. The Minister of Information, Public Awareness and Culture

  5. The Minister of Religion and Endowments

  6. The Governor of Marodi-jeex Region and

  7. The Mayor of Hargeisa

President Bihi termed the late Omar Arte Qalib as a great scholar and veteran politician in both Somaliland and the defunct Republic of Somalia.

Omar Arte as Somalia PM With Siyad Barre at a foreign visit

In his condolences the former president of Somaliland said that the deceased Omar Arte Qalib was a great scholar who shall be remembered for dedicated service to community in which he suffered under the administration of late Siyad Barre.

The late Qalib was born in 1930 in Hargeisa capital of then British Somaliland where he undertook his primary education and at Sheikh Secondary school from where he preceded to University in the UK.

Somaliland: State Mourns the Demise of Omar Arte Qalib 90, Burial Committee Appointed
Omar Arte Qalib as ambassador Republic of Somalia in Addis Ababa Ethiopia 1960s

A chequered career started in the 50s as a teacher and later becoming Principal of intermediate Schools in Las Anod, Berbera and Hargeisa respectively

Before departing Bristol University in 1956 he was appointed the deputy principal of Sheikh Secondary School.

Upon return in 1965 he became the first Principal of Gabile School.

He launched his public career as a member of the Somalia United Congress party that saw him became ambassador of the Republic of Somalia to Ethiopia in the 1960s

Late Qalib chaired the 1972 UN security council

between 1969-1977 he served as foreign minister of the defunct Republic of Somalia in which capacity he chaired the 1972 security council of the United Nations, mediated the Tnazania- Uganda War of the same year and accredited with Somalia joining the Arab League in 1974.

Qalib mediated between President Nyerere and Iddi Amin during the Tanzania-Uganda

He was appointed and became the last Somalia Prime minster under late Siyad Barre in 1994 and after the ouster of Barre , incoming president Ali Mahdi repointed him until 1993.

He served a stint in prison where he faced the death penalty between 1982-1988 before he was released following a long and international clamour.

Now a veteran politician he ran against President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal for the presidency of the Republic of Somaliland at the 1993 Borama Conference.

The date of his state Burial in Hargeisa is awaited from the VP Sayli led committee.