Somaliland: Strengthening Security, War on Drugs and Social Mobility with Ethiopia

Participants from Ethiopia and Somaliland at the conference in Burao

Somalilandsun: The governments of Somaliland and Ethiopia are in pursuit of strengthening security and social mobility with the two neighbouring countries.

This was the outcome of a one day  conference on strengthening security and social mobility  held in the Toghdeer regional capital Burao between officials from Somaliland and the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia. As reported by Bulsho TV
The  conference bringing senior officials from the two adminstrations focused on strengthening security, people-to-people movement and the fight against drugs.

From Somaliland Participants included the governor of  Togdheer region Mohamed Diriye Hayd, the mayor of Burao , the deputy governor of Daadmadheed region and several security officers while the Somali regional state of  Ethiopia was represented by  ministers, military officials and the governor of  Jarar region.
After lengthily deliberations the conference culminated with agreement that the two government’s cooperate in the destruction of explosive devices buried along the  borders of  Togdheer, Daadmadheedh and Jarar regions.

Facilitate the ease of movement of people between the two countries, especially pastoralists, during the drought and coordinate the prevention of inter-state insecurity and the arrest of cross-border criminals and extradition of offenders.

To implement the agreements a committee with membership from both sides was set up.
In the recent past the Somaliland government has on matters Ethiopia  been engaging with authorities of the country’s Somalia regional Administration rather than the federal government in Addis Ababa.

The one Somalia policy pursued by Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed undermines the sovereignty of Somaliland

While cooperation in all cross-border issues are very relevant this dialogue with the regional adminstration in Jigjiga is somehow deeming and appears to indicate that the One Somalia policy being pursued by PM Abiy Ahmed is working to the detriment of Somaliland

Here are the highlights of the conference from Bulsho Tv