Ethiopia is in a Point of No Return Disintegration as Abiye Ahmed Leads Her Down a Cliff

PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

Somalilandsun: Abiye Ahmed is nothing but another dangerous absolute and illegitimate dictator; who could plunge the whole of Horn of Africa in an all out of war.

Ethiopia is a very old country, but this unlucky country has been the scene where absolute ruler after absolute ruler has been brutalizing the citizens of the county every now, and then and especially when people demand their rights.

These one man rulers have underdeveloped Ethiopia condemning the country and its people to live in perpetual abject poverty. Successive Ethiopian absolute rulers shut down the economy, politics, and the information flow of the country.

Ethiopia up to today has no free media or alternative media to the government media. The country’s economy is closed and free enterprise is not allowed. No opposition parties are allowed also. In modern history beginning from 1957 Haile Salessie has severely bombed Tigrai with fighter jets following a low level uprising in Tigrai. In 1960 an attempted military coup following an attempted coup in which most of the coup leaders were put to death.

In 1959 Hail Salessie single-handedly dissolved the Ethiopian-Eritrean federation touching of the formation of the ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front) in 1961, triggering a 30 year war with the EPLF (Eritrean People’s Liberation Front) culminated in the eventual independence of Eritrea. In 1948 10 Somalis were hanged in Jigjiga when they took part in some political activities. In 1960 Hail Salessie send his army to Aiasha, and Dhagahbur and indiscriminately killed hundreds of Somalis in those two towns.

The brutality of the successive Ethiopian governments against its subjects is well-recorded in the history books. Abiye Ahmed came to power following massive Oromo demonstrations throughout Ethiopia. He was appointed by the EPRDF which was the ruling coalition made of Amhara, Tigrai, Oromo and the so-called Southern Nationalities. This unelected neophyte has fooled so many people; as soon as he was appointed to power he targeted and singled out the TPLF, freed prisoners, and signed peaceful agreement with Eritrea. He said he will make political reforms and holding elections in Ethiopia, but the great hope and sigh of relief that followed his appointment to become a caretaker leader has already evaporated.

The Oromo held massive demonstrations following the assassination of a prominent Oromo vocalist, which Abiye Ahmed brutally suppressed. After a running bad blood between Abiye Ahmed and the TPLF he declared a brutal and an all out war against Tigrai region on November 4, and that brutal war is aggressively raging as I speak. He sent his planes indiscriminately bombing Tigrai day and night.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that he brought foreign countries such as Eritrea to kill the Tigrai people who are Ethiopia citizens. Right now Ethiopia and Eritrea are fighting against one Ethiopia region Tigrai. His actions against Tigrai are barbaric, unwarranted, and irresponsible. His actions are unbelievable and unprecedented. On the 16th of November reports coming from Tigrai are talking about Drones from the UAE stationed in the Eritrean port city of Assad and Musawa are bombing Tigrai.

What this mad man is doing in Ethiopia is unbelievable. He and his collaborators involved in the brutal and genocidal war against the people of Tigrai amounts to war crimes. He internationalized the war against another Ethiopian region. The brutal war against Tigrai is generating thousands of refugees fleeing to Sudan.

The world needs to stop this mad man before he destabilizes the whole Horn of Africa region. This raging unnecessary war in Ethiopia will eventually may lead to split at least into 5 new countries or even more. Following the brutal Abiye Ahmed war against Tigrai state no Tigrian person will ever again accept an Ethiopian citizenship. The man is an unelected ruler without any legitimate mandate.

The author Prof. Suleiamn Egeh is a freelance writer, political analyst and a senior science instructor