Somaliland: State Demands Diligence From Public Service Agencies


As VP Sayli says Culture of Nepotism in the country has to be Uprooted Completely
By M.A. Egge
VP Sayli poses with Ethiopian educational scholarship beneficiaries after meeting in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- The Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Ismael Sayli’i has reiterated that both he and the Head of State would demand from all ministries diligence that would prioritize total skilled and quality management.

He said that culture of nepotism and tribalism had to be uprooted and rouged out completely.
The VP made the sentiments as he received in his office technocrats who have just come back from undertaking in-service advanced courses diverse trainings from abroad.
The youth whose majority happen to be civil servants had made the courtesy call which also doubled as a chance to convey a message to the state appropriately.
“The media is nowadays misused and its platforms have been used negatively”, said the VP.
He thanked the young intellectuals who have just graduated from the Ethiopian Civil Service Institute for not going to press but seek appropriate dialogue through the right channels.
He advised that when a group of people worked in tandem and in solidarity towards achieving a certain cause, the group would always excel. It is to this end that he propped the intellectual civil servants to step up diligence in the cause of their duties.
“Advanced states have their staffers work tirelessly whereas our own here do not even keep nor go through the time expected of them”, complained the VP.
He praised the Ethiopian government for extending their numerous grants towards Somaliland.
The VP said that the Kulmiye administration did not only invest in roads or government buildings but it also built its labour force. This was confirmed by one of the youthful intellectuals Mr. Mustaffa Abdi Jama who said that 83 Somalilanders have to date graduated from the Ethiopian institutions out of whom 77 of them have been during the Kulmiye tenure.
The VP said that politics had to be separated from the labour service whereby the skilled should get preferences.
The VP said that if there were anomalies the government was there to address them.
The livestock minister Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse who facilitated the group’s courtesy call to the Presidency introduced them to the VP saying that they were Somalilanders who were born, bread, studied and worked in Somaliland.
“Instead of going to the press they have opted to seek dialogue appropriately”, said Hon. U’kuse.
He said that the youth never absconded but came back to their homeland to do their cue.
On his part the Presidency minister Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi reminded the group that the state prioritized the cultures of skilled labour hence took the initiative to send staffers for advanced courses.
Somaliland VP Abdirahman Sayli says Culture of Nepotism in the country has to be Uprooted Completely Hon. Hashi said that the state at the same time empowered the youth. That is why “the president has appointed 42 youth to the position of ministers, state ministers, deputy ministers, parastatal heads and director generals”, said the minister.
To this effect of empowering youth, the minister underpinned his own efforts of relieving off the duties of aged presidency staffers and replacing them with the young.
He too thanked the Ethiopian government and praised the Civil Service Institute and the commission for their efforts.
He was happy that the students sent abroad cut across all regions, a reminiscent of 15 air traffic controllers and aviation experts trained in Ethiopia when he held the aviation portfolio.
He said that the stepping up of diligence is indispensable hence it was the only way out to go forward for developmental and progressive mannerism.
He too said that government welcomed constructive critics.
He however decried the fact that there were some politicians who could not yet acknowledge the fact that the government had made gigantic steps as far as developmental aspects in every sector is concerned or has been made.
The VP was flanked by the Presidency, livestock, Interior and Aviation ministers. Also present was the Director General of Labour and Social Service.