Somaliland: After 20 Years Family of Mentally Handicapped SNM Veteran Appeal for Help


Maryama says her son and former SNM veteran has been in chains or 20 years

Somalilandsun- For 20 years I have not left this house since Somebody has to keep a sharp eye on our son Nur Abdi Aideed who is chained hands and feet” Ms Maryama Bare Abiib Yusuf told Somalilandsun during a visit to her house situated at the State house estate in Hargeisa Somaliland .
According to Ms Maryama the elderly mother and constant caretaker, her son Nur Abdi became mentally incapacitated in 1997 and since then neither he nor I have left our house.

Revealing that she is no longer embarrassed of begging for any support the elderly mother appealed  to all wellwishers to “ Please Help Us Care for Sick SNM Veteran”