Somaliland: State and Partners Respond to Burao Diarrhea Outbreak


drugs arrive in burao

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – While Burao town is not yet out of the woods following the recent outbreak of diarrhea health normalcy is almost back to regular.
This was informed by the minister of Health Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie in Burao town where he also revealed that concerted efforts by various stakeholders have managed to contain the outbreak of Diarrhea in the Toghdeer regional capital town.
Flanked by Toghdeer regional governor Suleiman Ramaah and several health officials, Dr Suleiman Haglatosie also informed that thanks to response by international partners like the ICRC medication has been available not only sufficient for the affected Burao but for other emergencies as well.
“WE have received a plane load of assorted medicines while another is expected within the week” said Minister Haglatosie while warning locally owned pharmacies and medical Centre’s against treating citizens ailing from diarrhea since they do not possess necessary medication not to mention that their services are fee based.
At a joint press briefing with Toghdeer regional Governor and health coordinator, the Somaliland health minister also urged against politicizing the outbreak which he described as a side effect of prolonged drought that the country is slowly recovering from.
AS he revealed that initial daily infections touching over 150 daily have been curtailed thence down to less than 100, the health minister went on t say that those currently hospitalized and receiving treatment are only 80.
Flanked by Toghdeer regional governor Suleiman Ramaah Somaliland health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie says ministry responding aptly to health crisis in Burao Stressing that 8 emergency health Centre’s have been established in the town Dr Haglstosie who urged those ailing or suspicious of infection not to hesitate accessing the services being provided by a ministry of health led team also warned that those found providing medicines and not affiliated to the official response teams shall be arrested and prosecuted.
Since the outbreak earlier in the week over 20 people have lost their lives in Burao town while 100s other escaped the same fate following emergency responses.

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