Somaliland; Terror Attacks in Britain and Implications for the Future


After a number of terror attacks Britain raises security to its highest levels

Somalilandsun- The wave of terrorist attacks in Britain have unfortunately moved very swiftly and with shorter gaps in between. The sheer randomness of it. The exasperated frenzy, the unsuspecting victims. The UK have become struck with an unspeakable emotion. The gravity with which it is carried out fazes us on a deeper level.
The “terrorists” are working on behalf of a war that has become so bloody we cannot speak about it in words but waves of emotions. Its articulations is silence.
I predict a future where we while reeling at the edge catch sight of “a new enemy within”.
Now we see:
After Manchester we saw Theresa May give orders for the troops to guard significant landmarks. They are centre stage. She is aloof while giving them backing. Implicit authority.
They usher people to one side. They are our life-line, deliberate in what they are doing. They must have their own intelligence. Theresa must have her own mediations brewing. So it goes.
You can feel it in the air, the static of history
A different world is on the horizon.
If these things happen again some will say:
We are trying to “carry on” not let these lone terrorists these loser, get the better of us. We have strong leadership right? It is our integrity at stake.
And with “inevitable” victimisation and backlash others will be resistant to Islamaphobia.
Others will get used to the presence of police, the false detainments, the reactionary misuse of power the lethal reflexes, the confusion, the think pieces and the tedious justifications.
Thus could come the split of a nation. A multitude looking for answers, so fighting and minorities that want out. An exasperated situation.
Over in America there is a lack of leadership as we can see. How important is leadership anyway? Can we just isolate ourselves from HIM? How predictable and safe is the future?
There are security threats on alert in Vegas now, and in San-Francisco. After an ISIS propaganda film showing clips of Las-Vegas.
Both small-scale symbols of American ideals. Vegas with its worlds within a world draws our eyes in. Its showmanship embrace of the Eiffel-tower, the pyramids. Symbols held within an imperial and majestic symbol.
Another imminent question:
Who are these lone attackers who do they think they are? Who do we point the finger on, how do we tackle the issue?
The attackers will eventually just be “Muslims” not terrorists or ISIS. Simultaneous retorts hurled, by weary faces in crowds, eventually bandied about casually. Lines blurred.
A quarantine term, not the mark for diverse members of a faith community but marked out simply for outward dress “The Muslims again”. We forget the past due to collective amnesia caused by fear.
An internal war. A complicated war, of distrust.
To those who grew up in the Bush-era feel as though our leadership is faltering. The young who are outside looking in, do not feel listened to or represented. Yet are confronted in the most terrible way.
While submitting this item the author wrote
My name is Ayaan Ali I have recently penned a think piece for your consideration about the tragic events that have taken place in the UK these past couple of weeks, their implications for the future etc. I dislike and reject the feeling of insecurity and want to warn others about the possible dangers of Islamophobia, the possibility of further attacks (of any kind) etc