Somaliland: Eng Warabe and Prof Galayd Lead Khatumo Reconciliation Team in Awdal Region Visit


Khatumo Reconciliation Team poses at the Amoud University

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Amoud University got the honour of being first to host Prof Ali Khalif Galayd during a visit by the politician to Awdal region in over two decades.
“I am honoured to be here today” said Prof Galayd as he toured the institution he attended as a young man while reminiscing those long ago student days at the Amoud university to students and faculty.
Accompanied by a broad team of Khatumo reconciliation talks negotiators he is co-leading with Eng Feisal Ali Warabe, that includes the minister of education Abdilahi Habane and the ministry’s state minister Mohamed Haji Aden and others, Prof Ali Khalif Galayd who leads the Khatumo state of Somalia secession movement is on two days visit of Awdal region.
Prof Galayd and Prof Suleiman Reminisce their 1950s days at Amoud secondary schoolDuring the Khatumo reconciliation negotiators visit at the Amoud University the Vice Chancellor Prof Suleiman Ahmed Gulied upon welcoming the visiting team revealed that he was a schoolmate of Prof Galayd at the then Amoud Secondary School, now Amoud university which he Galayd joined in 1958.
“Prof Galayd was a year ahead of me at school thence a long term acquaintance and friend” said Prof Suleiman while adding that it was a personal and institutional pleasure in having the opportunity to host not only his frmer schoolmate but the accompanying team of khatumo reconciliation talks negotiators.
Revealing that he and Prof Galayd were not only Amoud Secondary schoolmates but dormitory mates as well in 1958 Prof Suleiman also said that the two continued this acquaintance in the same capacity upon transfer to the Sheikh Secondary school a year later.
“Though I warmly welcome you back to Borame be assured that we do not hold you as a visitor but a resident as well” said Prof Suleiman Ahmed Guleid the Amoud University Vice Chancellor
The forays into Somaliland proper by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd among them current visit to Awdal region follows peaceful negotiations between his Khatumo secession movement and Somaliland government that has ensued with not only cessation of armed hostilities but removal of senior khatumo leaders from list of persona non grata.

Prof Galayd and Eng Warabe are leading the Khatumo reconciliation team visit to Awdal region of Somaliland
Initialed by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo earlier in the year the Khatumo reconciliation led by Prof Galayd and Somaliland opposition UCID party leader cum presidential candidate Eng Feisal Ali Warabe have so far entered into a number of agreements both in Ethiopia and Djibouti that have facilitated return of calm to some parts of Sool region where the Khatumoists hold sway.
For Prof Galayd whose last visit to Awdal region was during the Borame Clan Conference in 1993 in which the prevalent governing machinery of Somaliland was established upon concurrence by all clans resident in the country and as a follow up to the 1991 Burao Clan conference that declared the withdrawal from union with Somalia and subsequent sovereignty of Somaliland.
Prior to the Awdal visit Prof Galayd who returned from a short working visit to Nairobi Kenya has been based in a prolong stay in Hargeisa for some time for deliberations with government and other peace stakeholders in the country.

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Visit briefing by Prof Suleiman