Somaliland: Standoff among SONYO Member Organizations Continues


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• The two rival groups are currently in a standoff over who have the legitimate rights to act as BOD of SONYO.
By: Mahmoud Qodah
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Standoff among the 2 rival groups of SONYO member organizations still continues after the outcome of the recent General Assembly of the Umbrella has ended with 2 elected chairmen where each of them on his side held an

inauguration ceremony and claimed to be the sole and the legitimate elected candidate.
Efforts and negotiations tried by members from civil society organizations and prominent political members including the Minister of Sports and Youth have again failed and unsuccessful after they failed to convince the rival groups of their proposed resolutions.
A group of organizations led by Abdiasis Hirsi Warsame, who claimed to be legitimate and elected Chairman of the Umbrella, have on Thursday held a ceremony where they have denounced a number of government officials including Minister of Sports and Youth Ali Saed Reygal of partiality.

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“First and foremost, I am here going to show my gratitude to the president of Somaliland who has done a lot for Somaliland youngsters, but unfortunately his efforts are spoiled by some of his government’s officials who are dividing the youth. Today I am here sending a message to the president, and informing to be vigilant to actions done by those who are spoiling his efforts,” Said Abdiasis Hersi Warsame.
Mr. Hersi on the other hand sending a message to his rival group, stated, “I am informing to the other member organizations that they are the owners of this Umbrella, and we want SONYO to reinstate its efficiency and its name as well and show its effectiveness to the youth of Somaliland in order to realize its vision towards the youth.”
Mr. Hersi has likewise accused of the outgoing Board of Directors to be responsible of all disputes and crisis among umbrella and its member organizations, and that they have created all this problem in order to hide all their transgressions and wrongdoings. And he called member organizations to not forget the actions and wrongdoings of their predecessors and should get prepared how they will hold the outgoing BOD of SONYO to account.
The standoff among the members of the umbrella still continues and efforts to settle the indifference seem impossible and there is big concern on the future of SONYO Umbrella.
The 7th G. A of SONYO Umbrella Fails as Rival Wings Elect 2 Chairmen:
Tensions and deteriorating disputes among the 54 member organizations of Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) have divided the umbrella into 2 rival groups and each wing have elected on its side’s a chairman .
Each wing on its side has claimed after the 7th General Assembly that they got the upper hand and announced victory, and that they have succeeded the majority of the delegate members of the member organizations of the Umbrella. This news has been confirmed by the participant members from the two rival groups.
One of the groups who conducted their meeting in the Head Quarters of the SONYO Organization stated in their press release that they have elected 19 councilors and Siyaad Omer Ali from Awdal as their new chairman who will be leading the Umbrella in the forthcoming 2 years. They told that Siyad has been the sole candidate of the contest.
On the other hand, the rival wing has on their side elected Abdiasis Hersi Warsame as their chairman who they are expected to lead the Umbrella in the upcoming 2 years. This side has later today (Tuesday) issued a press release where they have confirmed that 74 delegate members were present in their conference which was held in Dalhiis Hotel and that they have elected 19 councilors and Abdiasis Hersi Warsame their new chairman.