Somaliland: Sovereignty from Somalia is Merely a Divorce, not Reinvention.


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Somaliland sun – After two and a half decades since withdrawing from its voluntary ill-fated union with Somalia to the outside world, Somaliland remains an autonomous region of Somalia, subject to the Somali Federal Government (SFG) in Mogadishu.

This despite AU itself admitting in a 2005 report that the de-facto state that has remained peaceful since 1991, established a functional bureaucracy with all the necessary ingredients of government is worthy of recognition, the Somaliland quest remains in a limbo.

Citizens argue that Formerly British Somaliland’s union with Italian Somaliland to its south, which brought about modern Somalia in 1960, was voluntary thence its independence should require merely divorce, not reinvention.

So why is it not a state? Queries the Economist in a piece titled “Why Somaliland is not a recognized state”

In the meantime THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW! and as the quest continues sign this petition to help URGE POLITICIANS TO RECOGNIZE SOMALILAND