Somaliland: Kulmiye Internal Elections are Game Changers for UCID-Commentary


Jamal Ali Hasan of UCID and inset-Muse Behi of Kulmiye

Somalilandsun – The nomination of Musa Behi as the Kulmiye party presidential candidate shall impinge negatively on the candidacy of Jamal Ali Hussein who is the current UCID party nominee.

This is according to a reader of ours, pen name Observer, while commenting on a story we published titled Somaliland: Quest for Elective Offices Leads to Resignation of Two Ministers

In his comments Observer opinionates that owing to the Fact elders of the clan shared by both Musa and Jamal have rallied behind the candidacy of Behi in Kulmiye puts that of his kinsman and UCID in a precarious situation.

Below are excerpts of the comments

The Observer 2015-10-29 17:06

Usually I don’t comment on this website although I follow it more often. I like to participate only few cases and always I try my best to present my argument0 comments in a reasonable, logical way. I would like to share my opinion with you today.
• Final KULMIYE’S presidential candidates are MUSE BIHI and SALI’I, the current vice-president.
• MUSE’S election has badly affected UCID presidential candidates. In fact MUSE and JAMAL both came from same neighbourhood and recently their primary voters chosen MUSE as their prime candidate. JAMAL cannot secure any vote from his stronghold.
• UCID will now join the battle for revenge and they will change their presidential candidates. UCID is considered as a minority party or third in the Somaliland political rank.
UCID game change:
Kulmiye Party Chairman Musa Behi is said to have the ear of Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo• If UCID come up with a strategic plan they can easily win the majority of the votes. For example, if UCID nominate president from AWDAL (specifically SAMAROON), and VICE president from Silanyo’s family (specifically HABAR JECLO). Certainly, majority of AWDAL votes will be exclusive for UCID, and at the current political atmosphere HABAR JECLO has no primary candidate and large number of their votes will go for UCID. In Hargeisa, ARAB, EDAGALE and AYUUB will be in favour to vote for UCID and even MUSE will lose some votes to UCID if some heavy weight figures from KULMIYE join UCID.
• If Dr Xaglo-toosiye lose the election HARTI will be disappointed and UCID will secure a large number of votes from SOOL, BUHOODLE and eastern SANAAG.
How this will effect KUMILYE and WADDANI?
• Definitely, new political dimension will open in Somaliland politics. Both vice president (KULMIYE and WADDANI) from AWDAL will be ineffective and they be changed because there are no votes or it will be insignificant numbers.
• SOOL and SANAAG will be a new battle grounds and at least they will get two vice presidential candidates.
In my view UCID will be elected because they will get AWDAL votes, large number of votes in Hargeisa, Togdheer, SOOL and SANAAG. What do you think?

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