Somaliland: Elders Deny Sanaag Weapons Cache


If true the weapons were offloaded here

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Residents of Sanaag region are not terrorist thus do not need to cache illegal weapons.

This was stated by a Sanaag traditional leader Senior Chief Abdilahi Ismail during a press briefing in Hargeisa where he refuted circulating rumours purporting that a boatload of weapons was recently offloaded at the port of Mayd in Erigavo.

“The alleged cargo of weapons is based on uninformed opinions with intent to create insecurity in Sanaag region” said the Snr Chief while stating that the prevailing peace and co-existence among communities within the region has no place for illegal weapons in civilian hands.

Last week a number of local media houses published information alleging that a boat laden with an assortment of weapons docked at the Mayd port where residents who included owners offloaded them and subsequently dispatched them to a secret location.

Senior Chief Abdilahi IsmailAcknowledging that a large number of Sanaag residents just like others in the country posses either legally or illegally small arms for personal protection Chief Abdilahi Ismail argued that import of such like assumed consignment is impossible in Mayd since government authorities are in control of affairs.

Almost ten days since the start of toe weapons cache rumours the neither the Sanaag regional nor Somaliland government authorities have issued a statement.

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