Somaliland: “Somalilanders were Treated Inhumanly, Worthy of Apology


Says Tarzan as he vows to reestablish official contacts with Somaliland if he wins the Somalia presidency
Mahmoud Tarzan Nur an aspirant president of Somalia vows to initiate apt dialogue with Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – “If I am elected president of Somalia my first official visit and working tour abroad shall be to Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland”
This was stated by one of the 16 Somalia presidency contestants Mahmoud Ahmed Nur ‘Tarzan’ during a Media Q&A in Mogadishu where he also urged for acknowledgement of the ills committed against Somalilanders that led to withdrawal of their country from union in with Somalia in 1991.
“Our brothers and sisters in North who threw away their self rule 5 days after gaining independence from Britain in pursuit of a greater Somalia republic ended up being treated like second class citizens and parasites” Said Tarzan adding that the inhumane treated was not meted on them by individuals but by the then Republic of Somalia administration.
Stating that Somaliland upon entering into an unconditional union with Somalia a former Italian colony, ended up denied any meaningful office despite their great sacrifice for the now defunct greater Somalia, the former mayor of Mogadishu vowed that if he is elected president of f Somalia later this month he shall not only issue formal apology but initiated dialogue with Somalilanders.
“How would you feel, if denied the presidency, prime ministership, army and police commander of a country you sacrificed your sovereignty to form” queried Tarzan as he vowed to make Hargeisa his first venue of an official working tour outside Somalia if elected president
Stressing that a somalilanders are not only worthy but owed top leadership positions in Somalia, Tarzan said that having his northern brethren back in the fold entails dialogue preceded by acknowledgment of ills meted upon them as well as official apologies.
Said h, “Whole aware of the achievements that Somaliland has garnered single handedly since withdrawing from union with Somalia 25 years ago, my administration will pursue dialogue with Hargeisa while willing to accord relevant condition for return to union.
The outspoken politician who gained much prominence from Andrew Harding’s book MAYOR OF MOGADISHU , a story about chaos and redemption in the ruins of Mogadishu, said he is willing to meet and hold discussions with Somalilanders not abroad but more so in their own backyard of Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera or Borame in order to have a mutually agreed Somali to Somali arrangement suitable for reestablishment of the post 1991 Republic of Somalia through return of somaliland to union with Somalia.
Tarzan accuses sitting Somalia president Hasan Sh Mahmoud R of derailing progress in talks with Somaliland garnered by his predecessor Sheikh Shariff Ahmed L In justification of his desire and ability to negotiate with Somaliland, Tarzan who accused sitting president Hasan Sheikh Mahmoud for derailing relations with Hargeisa when he took office, also revealed that president Hasan completely went astray in dealings with his somaliland colleague President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo despite the cordial relations that had been established by the administration of his predecessor Sheikh Shariff
“I participated in the various hand over sessions between Presidents Shariff and Hasan mores so those dealing with them ongoing negotiations with Somaliland that had ensued after the London Somalia conference of 2012”
According to Tarzan president Shariff urged Hasan to prioritize the negotiations and without conditions but this advise was totally ignored resulting in the fiasco that the talks between Somaliland and Somalia hosted by Turkey turned to, after the current administration became adamant on the presumption that Somaliland was a region of Somalia and the dialogue only revolved about its ultimate return to the jurisdiction of the federal government in Somalia.
To Somalilanders who quest for international recognition has gone unheeded anywhere, this is TABOO, for they hold it dearly and to whatever ends that Sovereignty of of their country Somaliland is neither revocable nor negotiable, thence the stalled Turkey hosted and internationally sanctioned talks between the two neighbouring and formerly United countries.
Mahmoud ‘Tarzan’ Nur, who is among the large group of Contestants for the Somalia presidency in elections this December, is a former mayor of Mogadishu and governor of Benadir region. He is chairman of the Justice and unity party which is sponsoring his candidacy.
Though only a few traitorous Somalilanders are participating in the ongoing parliamentary elections in Somalia in which the alleged region of somaliland has been allocated 11 and 46 seats in the upper and lower chambers of parliament respectively , a large number of Somaliland citizens are routing for the election as Somalia for either Mahumd Tarzan Nur or former president Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

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