Somaliland: Family Worried by Continued Detention of Ugas Abdirahman


Ugas Abdirahman Diriye Hajj Ibrahim was allegedly arrested for switching political party allegiance

Somaliland sun- The family of the detained traditional leader leader Ugas Abdirahman Diriye Haji Ibrahim has appealed to the government of Somaliland and international community more the British government to intervene and effect immediate and unconditional release of the elder who is in custody despite court orders to the contrary

Below is a letter on the subject by the family of the Ugas to
Political Prisoner Ugaas Abdirahman Case Gone To Amnesty International & UK Government
My cousin who is also our clan chief …Ugaas Abdirahman Diriye Haji ibrahim
was arrested 03/11/2016 and since then he is in police custody at the Koodbuur police station in Hargeisa Somaliland.
Though he was taken to court on 21/11/2011 and found not guilty of the alleged crime and similarly on three occasions and despite court orders for his his release..the traditional leader is still in custody courtesy of two very powerful canadian somalilanders said to well great authority in the government in Hargeisa,
While his continued incarceration is illegal having been absolved of any crimes by the Hargeisa regional court , his initial mode of arrest in which his accusers utilized the crack RRU ..rapid response force unit designed to deal with terrorism and funded by UK Government .is alarming to his family who fear the Ugas might have sustained serious injuries during the ordeal.
Another issue of concern to the family and as pertains the rights of citizens in Somaliland is in relation to reasons behind his arrest which was undertaken in Burao the Togdheer regional capital because he attended a political gathering organized by the opposition party Wadani in the Toghdeer regional capital on 01/11/2016.
The bone of contention with his powerful is that Ugas Abdirahman Diriye Hajj Ibrahim declared his and his followers defection from the ruling Kulmiye party to the opposition party of Wadani.
We as family members of Ugas Abdirahman perplexed by his continued illegal detention contrary to court orders are also worried for his health having been access to medication and family visits.
According to information availed family , the Ugas shall only be released if his signs a letter denouncing his clan inherited leadership and opposition party membership.

For Somaliland which has been a shining example within the horn region of a country that practices a democratic system in which freedom of association and speech are a constitutional right, thence recipient of hefty democratization funds from the international community especially from the UK and other European countries, the current circumstances of the Ugas differ otherwise.

To this effect We the family and friends of Ugaas Abdirahman , also British citizen urge the Somaliland government to adhere with court orders and release him unconditionally and expeditiously.
In lieu of any action by the government in Hargeisa we appeal to the international community especially Amnesty international and Britain of which the Ugas is a naturalized citizen to institute an investigation with the ultimate objective of establishing either his guilt or innocence thence relevant action as per dictates of law in somaliland.
Basic details
Name .Ugaas Abdirahman Diriye Xaaji ibrahim

Detention……Koodbuur police station Hargeisa Somaliland

Reason for arrest….His and clan switched party support

Occupation….Businessman and Clan leader

We remain hopeful that the desperation of our family shall be assuaged either by through a conviction on charges of switching political allegiance or expedited release.

Thank you
Suleiman Aden
Telephone 00447539263229
London UK